Public Institution "Crafts Centre of Darguziai"
3 Liepu st., Darguziai, Varena district.

The Public Institution ‘Craft Centre of Darguziai’ invites you to visit and offers you wide range of services, educational programs, organizes events, hiring premises, offers to buy hand-made products in a local shop. All services can be arranged: educational programs are adapted to the visitor's age. If crafts are made during the training materials will be included in the price and madden crafts can be taken home. The duration of the educational session is adapted according to your needs (expected from 1.5 to 2 hours). Everyone attending the sessions will be served with cookies and hot herbal tea.

Organized in Crafts Centre:

  •   educational and cognitive programs;
  •  calendar events;
  •  family, company, institution events;
  •  exhibitions, expositions.
Services, additional offers:
  •  hiring premises for workshops, conferences (equipment for conferences: projector, laptop, printer, copier) (up to 25 people);
  •  catering for conference and educational program participants - price depends on the agreed menu;
  •  It is recommended to buy or order handmade unitary crafts in the Crafts Centre’s local shop.
  •  Kitchen and dishes will be available for use.