Educational program "From grandmother's chests"

This program describes how the yarn is made, how it is made to be woven, embroidered, knit, will be shown real old weaving machines, and demonstrated the process of weaving is. Participants will be able to choose the technique and produce their craft (it is suggested to tie the band, to wrap a rug or to embroider the postcard).


Educational program "Wood Carving Art"

Introduction to tools, materials, wood species, carving techniques, ways of wood carving. During the session participants will be able to make a small craftwork.

Volunteers will be able to take part in the continuous wood carving program, where they can learn more difficult wood carving works.


Educational program "Dzukian Dishes"

Yeast pastry baking or potatoes loaf on a cabbage leaf baking, traditional cabbage soup. Participants will learn the traditional recipes and specifics of their preparation. And also they will be able to knead, form herds and feed them in the oven. While baking in process, it is suggested to play antique games or listen to the dzukian food traditions. When the dishes are ready, it is time to enjoy. If you only want to taste dishes and to participate in other educational programs  this service can be ordered by booking in advance.


Educational program "Herbalism and herbal products"

During the program participants will be introduced to the herbal history in Lithuania, will be trained to find herbs, recognize herbs and produce herbal products. The program also includes tasting of teas.


Educational program "Lassies luck like green rue"

(educational program for adults)

This is a great opportunity to dance with live music! Participants will be trained simple traditional Lithuanian dances and games. This is a great opportunity to build up the group or classroom communication or to liven up the family holiday.


Educational program "Shepherd's Songs and Games"

Introduction to ancient games, introduction into the world of songs and fairy tales, solving the puzzles. This educational program creates joy, allows children to relax and at the same time introduces the traditions of dzukian family.


Educational program "The world of beehive"

All participants will be met by real beekeeper. He will tell about the way of honey to arrive on our table, about the short bee's life, about removing honey from a hive. It is recomended to choose a honey tasting or a candle making lesson.


Educational program "Wool felting" 

Wool types introduction, wool preparation for felting, felting tools, felting technique. During the session you will be able to choose a traditional felting with hot water and soap or felting with a special needle.


Educational program "Making toys of thatch"

During the program, you will learn the decorations and toys of thatch history, traditions and their shapes. You will learn how to prepare a straw and how it binds. Everyone will be able to make a toy or decoration.

Educational program "Clay moulding"

Clay works are organized by working with white and red clay. During these exercises, spatial thinking is encouraged, hands movement skills are well-developed, different ways and techniques are used for moulding. During the educational session, we will learn one of the oldest crafts - ceramics. . The participants will be able to create their own souvenir.


Educational program "White Grandmother's Cheese"

During the program, visitors will learn about appearance of milk on our table, how it becomes to curd, and then cheese. This program allows visitors to taste milk, curds and  participate in the process of cheese making and tasting.

Sightseeing and educational program "The region of Valkininkai from 14th century until these days"

First day - Pirčiupiai village, visit of the cemetery and "Mother" memorial, Dargužiai street village, Valkininkai town, Valkininkai area; The second day is  Kruimiai mound, the LGK (Lithuanian Great Kingdom) bricks, any educational program from Dargužiai crafts centre.

We can organize catering, accommodation or rent of wood fired hot tube, sauna.

Concert program of the ensemble would be available in the evening.


Educational program "Draw with charcoal"


Participants in this program will learn the history and techniques of charcoal drawing.

The teacher shows how to extract a charcoal for drawing.

Everyone will be able to create  own drawing on a special paper.


The supply of educational programs is constantly increasing, so the best way is to contact us by phone or email.